Guillotine services

Our guillotine / paneling service offers a wide 1650mm sheet width with precision cutting.

Precision Guillotine / Paneling Service – Elevate Precision and Versatility

Discover the epitome of precision with our guillotine and paneling service, boasting an impressive 1650mm sheet width for your media requirements.

Maximum Width, Maximum Efficiency:

With a remarkable maximum sheet width and length of 1650mm (1.65 meters), our automated media guillotine service stands as a beacon of accuracy and efficiency for your production processes.

Integral to Flexibility:

Our guillotining facility serves as a crucial component within our comprehensive media conversion facility. This enables us to offer a flexible and tailored service to meet your unique needs. We excel in creating custom media sizes that align perfectly with the distinct demands of your projects.

Expertise Across Diverse Media:

From paper to synthetics, including fabrics, vinyl, polyesters, HDPE, and composite films, our guillotine service is known for its efficiency, precision, and unwavering quality. It adds substantial value to your production environments.

Key Specifications:

  • Equipment: Wohlenberg guillotine
  • Max width: 1650mm
  • Max cut length: 1650mm
  • Minimum cut size: 100mm

What is Guillotining?

Our wide format guillotine service ensures accurate cutting of sheet media to either bulk packed pallets or ream wrapped packs to suit customer requirements.

Whether being utilised on a printing press, as a component to a finished product or to fit into a manufacturing supply chain, the size accuracy of your media is critical.

Alternatively, Guillotining will be used to trim product to final size after it has been through the sheeting process.
The media is secured in place by an adjustable hydraulic clamp (pressure determined by media type) prior to cutting to finished size. This ensures that there is no movement of the media during the cutting process.

By using Spenic Converters to Guillotine your media, you can be assured of accuracy, efficiency and speed of delivery to add value to your supply chain.

Paper cutting size guide

The following guide has been prepared to assist clients in specifying their desired conversion page size for sheeted product. Should you have any questions, please contact us and we will be pleased to assist. Please click the document link below: