Sheeting Services

We offer our clients efficient and accurate sheeting services and can accommodate a wide range of flexible substrates. Whether you require pallet or reamed packed and labelled to your specification you can be assured that your materials will be handled with the greatest of care.

Our range of machines enable us to deliver our clients with sheeting services from as small as 100mm (10cm) x 100mm (10cm) through to 1600mm (1.6M) wide x 4000mm (4M) long.

Regardless of the size of your sheeting requirements, our attention to detail and perfect packaging ensures that you will receive what you need, on time and in the condition that you expect.

We offer a specialist wide format sheet conversion facility to our clients. We produce sheets up to 1600mm (1.6m) wide to a length of 4000mm (4M).

When dealing with large format sheeting, the sensitive handling of your media during sheet conversion through to the quality and security of the pallatised sheets is our main concern. We ensure that your media is cut to your exact requirements and securely packaged so that it is ready for the next stage of production.

Each pallet of wide format sheeted media is wrapped to protect the surface of the media and then secured to the bespoke pallet to minimise movement in transit.

We only used reputable couriers to ship your product and take the time and care required to ensure that each shipment is packed to arrive in perfect condition.

Sheeting Equipment:
  • Maximum width 1540mm
  • Maximum sheet length 4000mm
  • Maximum roll weight 150kg (However we can wind down heavier rolls to the necessary weight for sheeting)
  • Unwind core size 3” (76mm) or 6” (152mm) ID
  • Maximum width 1600mm
  • Maximum sheet length 4000mm
  • Maximum roll weight 800kg
  • Unwind core size 3” (76mm) or 6” (152mm) ID

What is Sheeting?

Sheeting is a process of converting a flexible media into flat sheets of varying sizes. These can be ream wrapped for ease of storage and distribution or pallet stacked (bulk packed) ready for industrial production processing.

Sheeting of media can be done in several ways, either from the original media master roll, following a slitting process to achieve the correct width or used to prepare the media for guillotining.

If you are currently cutting your media in house, or by hand, by engaging Spenic Converter’s to perform your sheeting conversion service for you will improve efficiency, accuracy, consistency, and will free up your valuable time.